The Missional Children Programs

We aim at empowering and helping the vulnerable children. We are aware that the children are under attack in our days. They are victims of Poverty, economic crises, prejudice and broken societal systems. Yes, they suffer Violence, abuse, neglect and bad family relationships.

Reports of sexual exploitation, girl child discrimination and related problems are on the increase today. But who can speak for them? Who can show them the love that they didn’t get from their parents? Our purpose as the ministry is to provide children at risk/ vulnerable with psychological, psychosocial and spiritual support. Our approach to this ministry is empowerment of the children psychologically, spiritually and giving them practical skills that are necessary for development. We don’t want to create a receiving mindset but be empowered for the mindset shift. We raise, challenge and encourage them to grow and mature holistically for the flourishing communities.

Working Hours

8am:00 - 8:00pm


Old Mbarara-Kabale Rd, Ankole House, Ntungamo City, P.O.Box 356 Ntungamo Uganda