The Mantle Generation.

For the church in my context to grow stronger and keep relevant, the vast resource of the young people must be fully engaged. We are intentional on equipping and empowering the young people to do the work of the ministry. We know that if this is not intentionally done we may lose a generation.

Israel lost a generation because at some point they could not keep preparing and training their children in their missional calling. The Bible records that there arose a generation that did not know God and they did evil in the eyes of God. The results of this were not disastrous (Judges 2:10). Moses warned Israelites to equip their children. The Bible is full of stories that show how God began to work in the life of young people and children to prepare them for the next generation revival. We organize deliberate seminars and training and mentoring programs so that the young people are given confidence and the skills they need. The strength of the church in my context will soon shift to young people.

Working Hours

8am:00 - 8:00pm


Old Mbarara-Kabale Rd, Ankole House, Ntungamo City, P.O.Box 356 Ntungamo Uganda